USMT Capture User State Failure

On two occasions when trying to upgrade or rebuild systems using USMT 4, the task sequence has failed during the user state capture phase with the following error showing up in the advertisement status messages for the OSD advertisement on the site in question:

The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Capture User State) in the group (State Capture) with the error code 2147944212


The task sequence execution engine failed execution of a task sequence. The operating system reported error 2147944212: The specified image file did not contain a resource section.

The actual text given above isn’t very helpful and doesn’t relate to the actual problem that we encountered.

The problem was that a couple of our client systems, had not been updated to SP2+ of the ConfigMgr 2007 client. The installed version was 4.0.6221.1000 (SP1). USMT 4.0 indirectly requires at least SP2 of the ConfigMgr client. After upgrading the client, the capture process completed successfully.


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