Active Package Distributions

Our ConfigMgr infrastructure is quite geographically dispersed, with many site offices and site servers in remote parts of the world, often with poor speed LAN and WAN links. This often leads to a massive backlog of active package distributions as packages are being transferred between sites.

ConfigMgr ships with a report to enumerate active package transfers – All active package distributions (Report ID: 136) but this is basically just a query on the v_DistributionPoint, v_Package and v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm views in the database returning all package records where the distribution state is not 0.

This is great; it’s very helpful to know which packages have been requested to be transferred to the distribution points, but that’s about it. It doesn’t tell you any useful information such as which ones are actively transferring, how much data has been transferred, how much is remaining etc. If any packages get ‘stuck’ they will remain in the report and there’s no way of knowing whether they are still transferring or whether they have fallen into the transfer abyss.

The only place to locate this kind of information is in the sender.log file on the site server sending the package. Looking at the sender.log for more than about 30 seconds during an active package distribution is enough to give me a headache though, never mind trying to interpret it. I therefore decided it would be a good idea to write a simple application that would read in and interpret the sender.log and display all the details in a nice legible format.

The below application is the result of that line of thought. I have made it available in the Downloads section [Link] in case anyone else suffers the same package distribution frustrations that I do, and I pray that Microsoft develop such a utility, or incorporate it into the interface for ConfigMgr 2012.

Sender Analyser Image

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