MDT Package Mapping Relationship Tool

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Home made tool for creating relationships in the MDT database PackageMapping table. Used to maintain relationships between Add/Remove programs Display Name values and PackageID/Program Name. There are several things to bear in mind when using it:

  1. I am not a developer, therefore what I’ve put together is probably poorly coded and full of bugs, but it seems to do the job.
  2. It requires a precise design for the PackageMapping table (shown below), including the addition of a ‘Comments’ field which isn’t there as standard.
  3. It requires .Net Framework 3.5 client on the machine that’s running it, but a database server/instance and database can be specified for remote execution.
  4. The user running the program will require Connect, Select, Update, Insert and Delete permissions on the MDT Database to perform all functions.
  5. Always make a full backup of the database before using any third-party tools on it, especially mine.
  6. I provide the tool free of charge in the case that others can benefit from it, but cannot be held responsible for any loss of data that results from its use.

PackageMapping table design required:

  • ARPName [Primary Key] : nvarchar(255) : Allow Nulls – False
  • Packages : nvarchar(255) : Allow Nulls – True
  • Comments : nvarchar(MAX) : Allow Nulls – True

Package Mapping Design Image



Sender.log Interpreter

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Interprets the Sender.log file to display accurate details about active package transfers. Shows the Request ID, Destination, Data Transferred, Total Amount to transfer, % transferred, % remaining and where possible, the package ID of the package being transferred.

  1. Again, I’m not a developer and so I apologise for bugs and functionality.
  2. It requires .Net Framework 3.5 client on the machine that’s running it.
  3. The user running the program will require WMI access to a site server if Package Lookup functionality is desired.

Preview Image:

Sender Analyser Image



February 12, 2011

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